Products Preview

The KV+ team has always been passionate about skiing and active living. From the very beginning, we’ve been committed to using the most advanced technology to make the best gear and activewear.


Thoughtfully designed and carefully tested by a team of former pro-skiers, the KV+ Pro Series is made to be exceptionally functional and provide unparalleled performance. Some of the best skiers in the world prefer KV+ Tornado Plus Poles, including the three-time World Cup winner Martin Johnsrud Sundby and three-time Olympic champion Dario Cologna. This speaks for itself.

Bringing out the best in recreational SKIING

We also understand the needs of those who ski recreationally. That’s why all KV+ products, including backpacks, gloves and sportswear, provide optimal comfort for wear and use. Cross-country skiing is not easy—so we do our best to make it as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible!

We share a deep, nuanced understanding of the sport we’re so passionate about, so we always keep you—the athlete—in mind. The performance of our products and your experience with them are our top priorities.